Exhibition 展覧会情報



2016年09月27日 〜2016年10月08日

13:00〜19:00 日・月曜 休み

Alternative Space The Whiteでは、9月27日(火)から10月8日(土)まで、杉山雄二の個展「FIREGRAPHY」を開催いたします。初の個展となる本展では、約2年間にわたり東京近郊の川原で、焚き火の痕跡を撮影したシリーズおよそ70点の写真と、シリーズのコンセプトを表す視覚的テキストとして作成された24点のコラージュパネルを展示いたします。



Alternative Space The White is pleased to present “FIREGRAPHY”, a solo exhibition of works by Yuji Sugiyama from September 27 to October 8. The exhibition marks Sugiyama’s first solo presentation, and will feature a selection of approximately 70 photographic works and 24 collage works that show the concept of the series, an on-going project Sugiyama has engaged in for two years. The photographs are close-up images of traces of bonfire, which have been captured in Tokyo suburban riverside.

Sugiyama captures ordinary scenes of daily life from a unique perspective. “FIREGRAPHY” is based on the idea that a burnt artifact by bonfire is like a picture itself. Packages of instant food and printed matters for camp and BBQ have been captured in abstract and delicate composition.

Burnt urban artifacts are brought by human into natural environment. Picturing the objects continuously should be a documentary of modern age. The photographs would appear to be ambiguous, and represent environmental destruction, which is one of the major problems in contemporary society. At the same time, experience of watching the installation will remind us the multilayered memories of numerous civilization, disaster and war.