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Maarten Schuurman / Esther Brakenhoff 「Export / Import」

Room #202

Maarten Schuurman / Esther Brakenhoff 「Export / Import」

2021年08月13日 〜2021年09月04日

13:00〜19:00 日曜・月曜休み

佐久間磨(Rondade) / 澤田育久 / 有川裕之(WORKSHOP™)「Export / Import」

ps. K_o_t_ (Amsterdam)



この企画では長距離間のコミュニケーションや、輸送-インストールによる他者の手の介入など、作品が製作者の意図を超えて自律的に変化していく様子も積極的に取り込んでいく。 作品の設置と撤去の様子は、共同出版物に記録され後日出版される。

In the past year, the freedom of movement of all people has been drastically curtailed by the corona virus. Unlike people, works of art are not restricted in their movement. We should therefore not restrict them because we cannot travel ourselves.
This exhibition is a collaborative project of the artists Ikuhisa Sawada, Osamu Sakuma and Hiroyuki Arikawa of Alternative Space The White in Tokyo (JP) with the Dutch artists Maarten Schuurman and Esther Brakenhoff. Together they explore the possibilities for developing and presenting long-distance work in pandemic times.
Works have been made in both Amsterdam and Tokyo that thematizes distance, communication and mobility. These works were then sent in a specially made container to the other location by means of freight post without courier/artist. The works are accompanied by an installation manual that can be interpreted flexibly by the receiving artists. The works thus move autonomously beyond the intentions and preferences of the initial maker. The installation and de-installation of the works is documented and translated in a joint publication.


Esther Brakenhoff(エスター・ブラーケンホフ)


Maarten Schuurman(マーティン・シューマン)


Esther BrakenhoffとMaarten Schuurmanは、遊び心のある方法で、コラボレーションによる芸術的実践を探求。これらのプロジェクトは、個人の芸術的なインプットを単純に足し合わせたものではなく、コミュニケーションの練習であり、オーサーシップを問うものである。

Esther Brakenhoff's work focuses on the perception, interaction and manipulation of place and space. With the help of various media, such as sculpture, installation, photography and video, she investigates how we relate to the world around us. How do we explore new places, how do we take up space and how do we map space? She has a great fascination for geographical and technical image languages such as maps, satellite images, building plans and manuals.

Maarten Schuurman is a multidisciplinary artist whose work ranges from site-specific interventions to object based installations. His practice employs a variety of media including video, screen print, sculpture, installation, and programming; referencing aspects of gaming culture, (online) identity and conceptual traditions. Schuurman draws inspiration from contemporary gaming culture. Fascinated by the game not only as a ritual (Johan Huizinga) but also as a set of algorithmic and action based systems, social structures and visual languages.

In a playful manner Esther Brakenhoff and Maarten Schuurman explore the artistic practice by collaboration. These project are not a simple add up of individual artistic inputs but more an exercise in communication and questioning authorship.